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Our strength lies in our unparalleled monopoly advantage. We are the sole producer and supplier for raw salt in our operational territory, taking pride in being the main author of the Farm Salt Standard and the Salt Industry Standard. Our leadership in R&D and testing in the salt industry sets us apart, while our affiliations with esteemed institutions such as the National Center for Salt Production Quality Supervision and Quarantine, and leading agricultural and dairy institutions, continue to bolster our innovative approach.

Quality Assurance

In our endeavor to uphold the highest standards, our raw materials are meticulously selected to ensure food-grade and feed-grade quality. Elements like NaCl, iron oxide, soda, selenium-substituted amino acids, copper, manganese, zinc, selenium, iodine, and cobalt form an integral part of our products. To enhance nutritional value, we incorporate essential vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, and E along with imported multivitamins.

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Facility and Equipment Assurance

Our commitment to quality extends to our production facilities. We’ve invested 3.5 million dollars to construct a fully automated, international first-class production line that adheres to class 300000 air purification standards. Our production process, modelled after drug manufacturing facilities, is monitored meticulously to ensure pollution-free products and the air exchange rate in our factories is maintained at a minimum of 10 exchanges per hour. Our facilities are kept at constant temperature and humidity to ensure stability of raw materials and absolute control of the moisture content of the product. We employ advanced multi-face stamping machines to ensure the consistency of density in every position of the lick block.

Advanced Production Process

Our fully automated system minimizes human error and standardizes processes such as mixing, weighing, dust removal, and plastic sealing. To ensure product integrity, we utilize rail conveyor & ABB robot palletizing systems.

Experience and Market Recognition

With 20 years of experience, we have managed to perfect our products through multi-breeding, multi-species, multi-stage verification to achieve optimal functionality. Our products are adaptable to various breeding types, catering to both large-scale uniform diet formula housing feeding modes and grazing feeding modes in areas rich in pasture resources.

We’ve also made provisions for different breeds and stages of ruminants. Recognizing that a more scientific formula should be formulated with the local geology, hydrology, soil, and coarse materials in mind, we offer specialized products that cater to different breeds and stages of cattle and sheep.

Welcome to Salt Plus, where our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction guide us in our mission to revolutionize the salt industry, one product at a time.

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